Relationship Coaching


My journey has lead me around the world exploring culture, spirituality, sex, intimacy, health and wellness.
I love Love and I strive to help others feel Love.

Dating can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It can also be awkward, painful and at time downright stressful. Do you desire a healthier approach to dating? Are you desiring a confident to ask sex advice on how to feel better more comfortable or prepared for intimacy? If you are dreaming of transforming your dating or sex life into something much more fulfilling, I can help!

Single and dating men and women deal with a whole range of issues. One may try and meet other singles  through “natural methods” but who knows how long until someone who is actually single, well adjusted, with whom you have commonalities AND chemistry, could mean a very long wait!

Online sometimes there are so many “frogs” one must sort through and it can be completely overwhelming! The energy it takes to politely decline, or strongly refuse potential suitors can be stressful especially with an already full life of work, family and friends. Your partnered freinds rarely want to hear about the dates or the frustrations and most of your family don’t understand at all!

I have been married, I have been single and in long term partnership. I have dated A LOT of men, online and off. I love Love and I strive to help others feel Love and fulfilling relationships and I offer my years of experience and professional training to the coaching I offer to you. By learning new skills and practical tools dating can be enjoyable and fulfilling bringing you always closer to the relationship you desire - whatever that may be!

What is the Somatica system? The Somatica system is a relational method, we teach clients everything from how to write a dating profile, to different types of touch, to how to repair your relationship after an argument. Somatica is a practice based on three key attitudes - vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion, as well as three central realms - embodiment, sexuality and relationships. We believe that skills in relationship are learnable and with a patient and affirming coach one can heal the wounds of the past and be successful in whatever type of relationships you desire.

Every client as well as every session is unique. I work with women who don’t know how to get turned on without the exact right circumstances. I also work with men who need help seducing women and connecting to their passion while being attentive to their partners. These are just a few examples of people who come to me, every person and situation is unique. Somatica is an intuitive and experiential process. No two sessions are alike, but some of the exercises may involve holding or touch, boundary work, inner child work, emotional release etc.

Take the next step towards fulfilling your heart's desires. Wherever you are on your journey towards the fullest expression of your embodied, healthy and inspired self, I can help!

I offer personalized life coaching embodying every aspect of your life. Whether you desire private coaching for your most personal intimacy issues or a lifestyle coach to renew your day to day exercise routine, we will explore the issues in a confidential and supportive setting.  Schedule an appointment with me and let's talk about how we will work together.


Somatica® Trained Sex and Intimacy Coach ~ Ordained Heart Consciousness Minister ~ Heart of Facilitation ~ Human Awareness Institute ~ International School of Temple Arts ~ Degree in Psychology/Sociology ~ Yoga Certification