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My journey has lead me around the world exploring culture, spirituality, sex, intimacy, health and wellness. I embrace the opportunity to support you in times of your major life changes.

Service to LOVE in all its forms

Creating ceremony and ritual within your life invokes powerful energy into any milestone that is special to you. Ceremony and ritual are often excluded for our lives leaving an emptyness that can linger for a lifetime without even realizing why. A desire to learn about and add ceremony and ritual to your spiritual practice can place propery energy on important events. It is a beautiful and powerful way to celebrate life and honor yourself.

I will create for you:

Blessing Ways to celebrate your wedding or new baby

Funerals or Wakes to celebrate your loved one's passing

Rituals of new beginnings such as separation or divorce

I offer ritual and ceremony planning and ministerial services in hopes that you can fully celebrate and bring meaningful events into a realm of magic and empowerment throughout your life. The most common ceremony we think of is often a wedding. But a ceremony or ritual can be part of any life event or any transition that is important to you, whether it is large or small.

A spiritual daily practice, a ritual or a ceremony can be an incredible way to bring presence and renewed energy to your life. In my coaching, ceremony or ritual are often incorporated into daily life. Adding ritual to daily activities can be a way to release bad habits or negative thoughts. Something as simple as slowly brewing a cup of tea each morning and sitting in silence for a few moments before any activity begins can change how your day evolves, how you react and act, how grounded you are. Everyone is different and finding ritual and spiritual practice that works for you is an ever evolving process. We will explore ways to enhance your life by celebrating with ceremony and ritual.

Creating a ritual for a breakup may be a helpful way to release pain and old energy to more easily move forward. A ritual for a new home might be a way to   feel completely settled. A ritual for a milestone birthday might ease the pain of what may feel like 'getting old'.

Ritual and Ceremony with couples or groups strengthens bonds, opens hearts and deepens relations. I can help you organize and create the ceremony you envision to make memories last a lifetime and beyond. Whether it is personal, among you and your closest family, or with an entire organization, I will plan and guide you throughout the process.

Your ritual may come in a form you've never imagined. I will help you create what works for YOU ~ let's add magic to your life!

I've practiced Vipassana meditation for over twenty years and am an Ordained Minister of Heart Consciousness Church, a year long ministerial training in Earth based spirituality. My focus is on creating community and healing through ceremony. My seva practice called me to start a grief and bereavement group after my own experience as a hospice caregiver for my father brought me the desire to help others through their own bereavement.


Take the next step towards fulfilling your heart's desires. Wherever you are on your journey towards the fullest expression of your embodied, healthy and inspired self, I can help!

I offer personalized life coaching embodying every aspect of your life. Whether you desire private coaching for your most personal intimacy issues or a lifestyle coach to renew your day to day exercise routine, we will explore the issues in a confidential and supportive setting.  Schedule an appointment with me and let's talk about how we will work together.


Somatica® Trained Sex and Intimacy Coach ~ Ordained Heart Consciousness Minister ~ Heart of Facilitation ~ Human Awareness Institute ~ International School of Temple Arts ~ Degree in Psychology/Sociology ~ Yoga Certification