Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching:
An Experiential Process

Every relationship needs both closeness and separation, just like a fire needs air, passion needs space.

Trained Somatica® sex and intimacy coach

I believe wounding incurred in relationship can be healed in relationship.

I believe wounding incurred in relationship can be healed in relationship.

I️ am a Somatica trained sex and intimacy coach with a background in psychology and sociology and a lifetime of curiosity and study to assist you in creating the relationships and sex you desire. I am an incredibly caring and sensitive individual whose mission in life is to make others feel loved and accepted and enthusiastic about life.

I have always felt that relationships are what makes life. I believe that our current culture and high-speed technology is actually setting us back, keeping us distant from the intimacy and closeness that we need as human beings.

My desire is to offer you empathy, connection, and wisdom to create the life and relationships you desire.

Humans are complex beings and, at our core - highly sexual beings. Men, Women and Couples face different difficulties and issues in our masculine dominated world. Disappointment and the need for repair with friends and family are givens in life and relationships. The good news is THERE ARE tools you can use to get better at understanding yourself and navigating the tricky emotions and feelings happening for you and your loved ones. Good sex is not a mystery. Together we can unravel your deepest fantasies. You CAN be having mind blowing sex AND be successful in a healthy relationship. Working with me you will feel safe and comfortable as you explore and grow.


Women work, we parent, we compete AND we take care of our homes and partners. We are supposed to be organized, empowered, effortlessly beautiful and calm all at the same time. It’s a tall order and our relaxed and receptive nature gets pushed to the back of the line. Are we rested? Do we feel sexy? Can we switch roles from “mom” to “vixen”? Do we have the time to get really juiced up and fully release in our intimate interactions with our partners?


Men feel the age old pressures to compete, to provide, and to "dominate". Emotions are often shoved aside from social expectations and deep, feeling communication or pure creative expression may not have a chance when fighting against pressures of the outside world. I can help by teaching techniques and practicing real life exercises to become more comfortable and at ease with true, emotional self. Can you feel the fire within you ready to express? Do you yearn to find ways to touch, hold and relax into love? I can help!


I believe that the majority of “drama” or problems that we have in relationships are due to incongruencies in our desires and our communication. Boundaries are necessary and we will never get them completely right. It is about finding balance between what is safe and feels good for both partners - a balance between surrender and autonomy. Enable to truly love, one must surrender and fall heart first into another. One also needs to balance and remember that the relationship they have with themselves is the most important one. Everyone projects, everyone needs support, everyone could use a sounding board and be able to better understand themselves and their partners. Every relationship needs both closeness and separation, just like a fire needs air, passion needs space.

What is the Somatica system?

The Somatica system is a relational method, we teach clients everything from how to write a dating profile, to different types of touch, to how to repair your relationship after an argument. Somatica is a practice based on three key attitudes - vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion, as well as three central realms - embodiment, sexuality and relationships. We believe that skills in relationship are learnable and with a patient and affirming coach one can heal the wounds of the past and be successful in whatever type of relationships you desire.

Every client as well as every session is unique. I work with couples who love one another but are in sexless marriages. I work with women who don’t know how to get turned on without the exact right circumstances. I also work with men who need help seducing women and connecting to their passion while being attentive to their partners. These are just a few examples of people who come to me, every person and situation is unique. I simply love unraveling a clients past and figuring out with them, how much hotter their sex lives can be! Somatica is an intuitive and experiential process. No two sessions are alike, but some of the exercises may involve holding or touch, boundary work, inner child work, emotional release etc.

A relationship is not only how you relate with someone else, it's your relationship to yourSelf, your past, your body, and how you feel about your lifestyle and how your lifestyle makes you feel. It's creating habits and friendships that change the way you feel about who you are when you arise and face the day. Healing yourself can take many forms - which is why I offer coaching in nutrition, yoga, personal style as well as spiritual counseling. Embracing all of yourself will bring you to new places and create new neural pathways, expanding your sense of self and gaining the confidence and courage to follow your dreams and fantasies. Breaking habits, creating healthy rituals and pushing the limits of who you think you can be are exactly what I love to help facilitate!

Take the next step towards fulfilling your heart's desires. Wherever you are on your journey towards the fullest expression of your embodied, healthy and inspired self, I can help!

I offer personalized life coaching embodying every aspect of your life. Whether you desire private coaching for your most personal intimacy issues or a lifestyle coach to renew your day to day exercise routine, we will explore the issues in a confidential and supportive setting.  Schedule an appointment with me and let's talk about how we will work together.


Somatica® Trained Sex and Intimacy Coach ~ Ordained Heart Consciousness Minister ~ Heart of Facilitation ~ Human Awareness Institute ~ International School of Temple Arts ~ Degree in Psychology/Sociology ~ Yoga Certification