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Yoga & Fitness Coaching

Enable to be happy and healthy one must be in tune with their body and their energy. Our bodies give us information all the time, this intuition is KEY to survival and intimacy!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone's fitness levels are different. Yoga is a practice for anyone of any age, any body type and any level of physical ability. Including fitness in your daily routine helps your body and your mind and is a natural way to help with issues like depression, anxiety, problems with sleep and lack of sex drive. Body aches, back pain and stiff joints can be eased and by learning and doing yoga and breathwork years of knotted up pain can be released. 

Practicing being in your physical body and becoming in tune with the sensations that come from yoga postures and certain excercises will help increase your sensitivity to touch and help you have better sex. Learning to run your energy through your body can open blockages to allow you to feel fully alive and present as you walk through life. Heightened pleasure and increased energy can be a great reward from adding yoga and fitness to your life.

Let me coach you to fitness

My yoga and fitness coaching is specific to YOU and your needs, your body and your fitness level. By working with me in a safe, sensitive and encouraging environment we will create a routine that you love so much you will continue to do it for years to come. We will work on breathing and on poses along with appropriate exercises that work for your body.

Whatever shape you are in, by increasing your energy through exercise and yoga you will increase your vitality in all areas of your life.

I will be giving you one on one yoga sessions with individual attention and address your specific issues. Sometimes emotions come up with breathwork or yoga and we will address these emotions together as they arise, in a loving and nurturing space. Yoga is a powerful way to get in touch with your deepest self, leading to deeper relationships with others.

Take the next step towards fulfilling your heart's desires. Wherever you are on your journey towards the fullest expression of your embodied, healthy and inspired self, I can help!

I offer personalized life coaching embodying every aspect of your life. Whether you desire private coaching for your most personal intimacy issues or a lifestyle coach to renew your day to day exercise routine, we will explore the issues in a confidential and supportive setting.  Schedule an appointment with me and let's talk about how we will work together.


Somatica® Trained Sex and Intimacy Coach ~ Ordained Heart Consciousness Minister ~ Heart of Facilitation ~ Human Awareness Institute ~ International School of Temple Arts ~ Degree in Psychology/Sociology ~ Yoga Certification